Mariachi USA Experience

The Mariachi USA is an awesome, unique and beautiful mariachi festival held at the famous Hollywood Bowl.  There’s nothing like listening to mariachis playing and having the hills beneath the stars.  We have done it couple time, performed and watched concerts. Here are some tips to make your time there perfect.

Which Seats to Get

When I look for tickets to a show at the Bowl, I like to get seats that are at the edge of a section, near an aisle. Unless you’re in one of the expensive sections, the seating is super cramped and it’s a real pain to get in an out of your seats without causing a ruckus if you’re in the middle of a row.

Of course, if you can afford great seats, then go for it, but I think a good compromise between price and quality is in sections N and M, sort of in the middle of the Bowl.  Given the choice, I tend to pick seats to the left when you’re facing the stage, because I like to exit that way (it’s less crowded).

What to Bring

Preparation is very important when going to the Hollywood Bowl to watch and hear Mariachi USA.

1. Food and Drinks

Usually, people bring a light dinner or snack, like cheese, crackers, and fruit, along with some wine (yes, alcohol is allowed) and dessert.  Gourmet sandwiches work well if you want a full meal.  You can buy everything there if you want, but there is some charm in doing it yourself, or even better, preparing it together with your date!

If you’re going to a classical (i.e., non rock) concert, try to avoid “noisy” food packaging. In the quiet parts of a concert the sound of a rustling potato chip bag can be embarrassing to you and annoying to others.  The Hollywood Bowl is usually not a super loud venue when they are playing symphonic music.

2. Warm Clothing!

One of the biggest mistakes at the Bowl is forgetting that it can actually get chilly in L.A. at night, even if was in the 80’s during the day.  Remember to bring a light jacket or sweater. This is really important! Or even better, if you want to really snuggle, bring a blanket.  🙂

3. Seat Cushions

If you’re in any of the bench seats (i.e., the vast majority of the seats at the bowl), seat cushions are almost a “must”.  You’ll thank me about two hours into the show.

4. Good Walking Shoes

Wear comfortable walking shoes, because there will be a lot of uphill walking involved. I suggest avoiding sandals.  Why?  People above you can easily kick over a glass bottle, sending shards of glass around your feet (this happened to us last time!!)

5. Field Glasses or Binoculars (optional)

If you have any, bring some field glasses (binoculars) so you can take turns seeing the performers up close.

6. Picnic Towel or Blanket (If You Plan to Picnic)

More on this below.

7. Your Tickets

Finally, don’t forget to bring your tickets!  I suggest getting the Ticketmaster app on your phone as a backup to your printed tickets. One time I forgot my tickets and had to drive all the way home.. not cool


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